Recipes by Cecilia Nibeck

Cecilia moved to Alaska in 1972. After one season of salmon fishing on Resurrection Bay she had a freezer full of salmon - but only two salmon recipes! Her family soon grew tired of salmon loaf and salmon croquettes, so she sent out a request for recipes to family and friends all over the world. These books are the result.

Her cookbooks offer no cooking lessons, no charts, no fancy commentary - just simple, straightforward recipes that will guide even the most experienced cook toward some exciting discoveries. A recipe is not a set of instructions so much as a map of territory untried, untrammeled, untasted. Let these recipes bring alive in your kitchen the rich, delicate, hearty flavor of fresh air and tundra, of willow bark and dogwood, of high mountain lake - of Alaska.

As Cecilia and I prepared these cookbooks, they became the symbol of variety, richness and the zest of living. Our life together was as succulent and well seasoned as any meal ever prepared. Cecilia died in the summer of 1995 but her work lives on through her cookbooks.

Stu Nibeck
Anchorage, Alaska


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